Novel by Hakarune (ME ^_^) it’s a story of adventure, romance, and love. The story is told in a 3rd person narrative of past events. Our hero is a lad named Darius Siegfried and we follow him through events of happiness and turmoil and despair, our other main character is a heroine named Princess Ariana. She is an innocent maiden of the local area and her and Darius fall in love and there are many troubles and problems for these 2.

I am not sure how often I will be updating, but as soon as I update I will let everyone know via a post on the main part of this blog as well as I will update my sites with update (hakarune.wordpress.com & hakarune.blogspot.com & facebook)

Feel free to leave a comment either with or without criticism but be civil about it I really don’t want to have to delete anyones comments, cause you put the time to write one, everyone should be able to see it.


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