~Clarke Siegfried~



  • Man of average height
  • Noblest of men
  • Courageous to his soul
  • He had a large soft body,not fat but not skinny, was by all means was an average looking man, except the small tattoo on his left shoulder, a scar across his eye, and his beard.
  • He was a half balding man with grayish highlights in his hair
  • His beard was thin but elegant, more rustic than anything else, gave him a distinguished and handsome appearance, the look of a man in his forties that had worked hard in life.
  • Father of Richard, Darius, and Ryn
  • Born and raised all his life in Astrona
  • Died at middle age from a disease of his heart
  • Was captain of the guard for Astrona
  • He was a brilliant mind that studied at the Astrona University
  • Was an amazing athlete, was head captain of his school’s Scrubble team
  • First husband of Isolda Sorn
  • Only son and last child of Darrell and Claudia Siegfried
  • Had 3 Older sisters
  • The clan of Siegfried has been in Astonia since it was founded back in the early days.
  • Had a mistress named Celidë and had with her a daughter named Lothilacia before his death, she was born right before he died and before his death named her. Lothilacia was the name of one Clarke’s ancestors.

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