~Isolda Sorn~


  • A twice widowed wife
  • Mother of Ryn, Darius, and Richard
  • Morn in the land of Capians
  • Dark, long, curly hair that was shinier than that of the finest silk
  • She stood a palms width above most other human girls
  • She owns an Inn in Hyperion that is run by her 2 sons, Darius and Richard.
  • Currently lives in the town of gates
  • She is a thin like lady with the shape more resembling a pear.
  • Has a pet fermador named Belladona

She first moved to Atrona from Capians to start a new life where she met Clarke. They had a few wondrous years and had 3 children then Clarke died of some disease of his heart. She then remarried a Dwarven warrior named Baran son of Vorin. He had 2 children of his own already from his his dead wife, 1 boy and 1 girl. He moved Isolda and her 3 children to Hyperion where he met his untimely end in a druken brawl.

Widowed once again Isolda was alone with her 3 children and Baran’s 2 who eventually left home to find their own ways a dwarf children do. Isolda some time later met a half-elf named Walian Dawntracker. They were soon wed and moved off to his home in the Town of Gates and they took the youngest child Ryn with them.

Darius had left on a journey and Richard had already found a wife, a halfling named Ella, and settled down with her and had a child, named Bartholomew. Richard stayed in Hyperion with his new wife and set up his home there.


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