~Ryn Siegfried~

  • Has not yet chosen the path he wishes to travel in life
  • Refuses the suggestions of the council to join the military
  • Youngest Son of Clarke Siegfried and Isolda Sorn
  • Has 2 Brothers, older, Darius and Richard
  • Not much of a scholar
  • Likes to play games
  • Had tattoos across half his torso
  • As a young man that he is, he is an incredible athlete, among the best in Astonia
  • Popular among the ladies
  • Tones body
  • Thin
  • Stood nearly 6 heads high
  • Thin and short yet rugged was his face with a short beard that wrapped from ear to ear
  • Tan
  • Best sport is scrubble
  • Though popular among the women in town he only had eyes for one.
Original Images for Ryn go to http://jlluesma.deviantart.com/ (I only edited them a little)

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