Chapter 1 ~The Inception~ (unfinished)

Some time ago, back in simpler times, but not so long ago really; there was born a human boy to the world of Corosia, his name was Darius. He was born and raised in a small farm town called Astonia to Isolda and Clarke Siegfried. Now this is not the story of the boy, but of the boy becoming a man. First let me say this, if you are looking for action, adventure, fighting, heroism, and amazement; this may not be the story for you. This is a story filled with romance, drama, and love with a side order of adventure.
Where to begin? Most stories start in the beginning or jump you in right smack in the middle. So how ‘bout we start after the beginning, but before the middle. Darius our hero in this story is living in Hyperion with his mother Isolda, little brother Ryn. Draius’s father has long since passed on,

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