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Some time ago, back in simpler times, but not so long ago really; a human boy was born into the world of Corosia, in the land of Hyperion, his name was Darius. He was born and spent his childhood in Astonia, a small farm town, to Isolda and Clarke Siegfried. Now this is not just a story of the boy, but of how the boy became a man. First let me say this, if you are looking for action, adventure, fighting, heroism, and amazement; this may not be the story for you. This is a story filled with romance, drama, and love with a side order of adventure.
Where to begin? Most stories start in the beginning or jump you in right smack in the middle. So how about we start after the beginning, but before the middle. Draius’s father has long since passed on. Since his passing Isolda has been twice more married and widowed; like a curse upon her, death befalls those she beds. But lets not get ahead of our story here. Let us begin sometime after her second marriage with Baran and his two half-giant children, Maka and Nibenay.

Isolda met Baran at the Fish market a couple years after the passing of Clarke. She noticed him one day, he stood out like an Orc at a festival, towering over every man there and carrying thrice the load of any other man. He was the First Mate of the The Bane Saber, a glorious warship that turned to fishing during these peaceful times. As Baran carried the crates of sea creatures to the market stands, Isolda just watched. She began to frequent the market three times a week to try and see him come in to harbor. One day she devised a way to get to talk to him, she got a job in the market. With long dark and curly hair, she easily stood out amongst the other smelly fishmongers. After that it was only a matter of time before she brought the half-giant home to meet her children, Darius (the hero of our story) and his two, brothers Ryn and Richard. Soon after they were married and Baran bought a lavish cottage with lots of land in Basorsia and moved his new family in with his own; Baran kept being a fisherman, but he would be gone for weeks at a time, and Isolda opened up an Inn with the help of the children.


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